Board of Directors

The members of the Perpich Board of Directors are appointed by the governor of Minnesota and represent the eight Congressional districts of the state. They serve terms of four years and may serve up to two terms. 

The board’s responsibilities include oversight of the center’s administrative activities and budget as well as assuring ongoing excellence and fulfillment of the center's duties and responsibilities.

The Perpich Center Board of Directors meets several times per year on the second Thursday of the month (please see the Perpich calendar). One meeting each year is scheduled to occur outside the Twin Cities metropolitan area; other meetings are at the Perpich Center campus in Golden Valley unless otherwise noted. Meetings generally begin at 3 p.m., subject to change for special circumstances. Additional meetings may be convened by the board as needs require. Check back regularly for updates on the board’s meeting schedule and minutes.

Please contact the office of the executive director with questions regarding Perpich Center for Arts Education. For information on board meetings, including agendas or other postings, you may address queries to the Perpich Board.

For the most recent board meeting minutes, see this page.


Current Perpich Board of Directors

See who is currently serving on the Perpich Board of Directors here.