Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer 2015 Perpich alumni updates

From public art to music documentaries to working in Singapore, Perpich alumni spread their talent far and wide. Check out what some of our alumni have been up to the past few months here!

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Perpich alumni Liz Elton (’05, media arts) and Corrie Harrigan’s (’03, literary arts) band Kitten Forever was recently featured on Twin Cities Public Television! Check out the video to see them perform, discuss Riot Grrrl and more.
Check out American Studio, a new music reality tv show featuring lots of Perpich folks, including director (and Perpich alumnus) Adam Jacobs ('13, media arts)! Learn more here.
Perpich alumni Alex Lisell and Kieran Bowers (both '13, music)'s band Color Tab is releasing a new EP, "We Miss the 90's" and will be playing the 7th St Entry August 1 to celebrate! Learn more and get tickets here
Media arts alumna Jessica Hopper's new book, "The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic," is out and you can read her New York Times review here! Jessica is also an editor at Pitchfork and "the editor of its absorbing quarterly magazine The Pitchfork Review."
Perpich alumna Sarah Parson returned to her hometown with her fellow bandmates (including Perpich alumnus Ben Braden) in The Lower 48 to play the Paradise Theatre in Mora on June 27! Learn more here.
Alumnus Ben Schultz was recently featured as an Art Hound on MPR. Check out the episode here.
For her 24th birthday, Allyssa Kaiser ('09, media arts) joined the Pencils of Promise movement. Pencils of Promise works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide education opportunities for children, no matter where they were born, or what resources they have. Her goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of June. If you would like to support her campaign, you can donate here:

Jordyn Arndt ('07, visual arts) is living and working in Singapore as the Director of Research at the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. She would love to connect with any other Perpich alumni in SE Asia, particularly in Singapore. She reports that her "interest in the arts and culture has been expressed more in my regional travels and ongoing interest in learning more about this region of the world rather than through my day-to-day work. This love was fostered in Art History courses at Perpich and later came to life in the two study tours I went on with Perpich students to Paris & Barcelona and Japan. I still enjoy going to art museums, film viewings, and connecting with artists." If you live in SE Asia, you can contact Jordyn at

Perpich English instructor Sun Yung Shin and Perpich alumna Lacey Prpić Hedtke ('99, media arts) collaborated on a new public art project unveiled in June in the Powderhorn neighborhood! Poetry for People's newest project, "this house is not for sale," is hosted a front yard opening from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Lacey's home to celebrate this collaboratively created public art piece.
Designed by poet Molly Van Avery and visual artist Witt Siasoco, this project pairs poets with homeowners who purchased formerly foreclosed homes with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust. You can check out Lacey's website here:

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