Acceptance to Perpich Arts High School

Your acceptance or denial letter will be mailed to you about four weeks after your admission review. The acceptance letters will include instructions for filling out the following forms, either on paper or online:

  • Admission acceptance form
  • Dorm application or residence waiver
  • Release of information permission form
  • Financial responsibility form (for information regarding financial aid, contact finance)
  • Acceptance fee waiver form
  • Consent and release form
  • Military recruiter access form
  • Field trip permission form

You will have a month to make your final decision and to fill out the forms and return them.

If the answer is yes, you will sign your acceptance form and mail it, or drop it off, with your other signed forms and a non-refundable acceptance fee of $100 to Perpich.

You’re in!


What it takes to get accepted

In 2007 Thomas Boguszewski was accepted into Perpich's visual arts program. He remembers the day of his admission review. "I sat in the lobby and took in the view. Everybody looked incredibly creative. There was a guy walking around dressed up like a pirate. I figured I was home already.
"For my spontaneous activity I wanted to do something more interesting than the others, so I made a mixed-media-interactive-experimental-thing that also involved a bit of performance. It was completely bonkers, which I think helped my case. Then I talked to the panel of three reviewers. 
"It was important for them to determine that I was self-aware, invested, that my work was a way for me to engage in learning—a way of thinking rather than a hobby. They definitely want to see passion for art in their applicants. I remember they asked what my back-up plan was if I didn’t get in and I said I didn’t have one because there was no other place that fit me so well."