Students must apply to go to Perpich Arts High School. While it is a public high school, students cannot transfer from other schools at will.

We will begin accepting applications for the next school year after the first information session in October. Links for the application form will be activated at that time. Please reach out to Anne Johnson, Admissions Coordinator, for more information. Information session and application information for the following school year will be available in the fall.

The application consists of the following required elements:

You may include optional additional recommendations.

The application form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

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An alum talks about admission reviews  . . .

Lizzie Stelten, who graduated in literary arts in 2009 and now goes by her roller derby name, Elly Fiasco, remembers that before her admission review she "was not only convinced I wouldn't make it but absolutely terrified of being mocked [as I left the review]. I thought of myself not as an artist, but as a hobbyist. My advice is to think of the review not as a test but as an opportunity to share who you are. Remember, Perpich is not looking for refined perfection, but for a passionate and creative student who will benefit from and also enrich the Perpich community."