Financial Aid

Although Perpich Arts High School is a free public school, students and their families may face financial difficulty in covering school fees, including the expense of living in the dormitory, the high school activity fee, high school acceptance fee and meals in the cafeteria.

By completing and submitting a Perpich financial assistance request form along with income information,* families may qualify to have a portion or all of the school fees reduced or waived based on individual need and number of applicants requesting aid.

By completing and submitting the Minnesota Department of Education’s Free and Reduced Fee Lunch application students may also qualify for state and federally funded free and reduced price breakfast and lunch meals in the cafeteria. This is a separate process and a form must be submitted to Perpich Arts High School, in addition to your local school district, if you have other children enrolled locally, to qualify.

Qualifying free/reduced price meal students may also purchase Metro Transit quarterly bus passes at a reduced price at Perpich.

*Note that these forms should not be filled out and submitted until the student has been accepted to Perpich Arts High School.