Shadowing and Tours


As part of the decision-making process about attending Perpich Arts High School, you might want to consider a shadow day. Especially if you are trying to decide which arts area you want to apply to, it can be helpful to shadow in each area that interests you.

When a prospective students shadows at Perpich he or she spends the day attending classes with a host student who is enrolled in the arts area the shadow student is most interested in.

Students who shadow will be matched with a student who has gone through training to be a host. Students may not shadow with friends.

Currently shadow days can be arranged on any day school is in session although sometimes an art area's performance or exhibition schedule prevents a particular date. 

Prospective students may choose any shadow day that works best with their current school schedules. When you have determined the date you want to shadow, email admissions or call 763-279-4200 to schedule.

The Day You Shadow

On the day that you shadow, arrive at the school no later than 7:45 a.m. If you are going to be delayed, please call the front desk at 763-279-4200 to let us know and to allow your host to go on to class. We will take you to your host if you are late.

If you plan to buy lunch, you can purchase a meal ticket at the front desk when you arrive and sign in. Lunch is $3.50 and exact change or small bills are appreciated because the front desk does not always have change.

Please dress appropriately and bring something to read in case you find yourself in a class where you cannot participate for the full block (such as a quiz or research). Please also bring paper and a writing utensil.

If you are shadowing in dance or theater, please bring loose clothing appropriate for strenuous movement. If you are shadowing in music, you may bring any of your instruments that are easily portable with you.


While we offer full tours of the school and dormitory during our information sessions, we recognize that not all families and students are able to attend on those specific dates. If you can’t attend an information session, you may take an individual tour that lasts about 45 minutes. These tours are offered on request. Please contact admissions to set up a time for your tour.

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This is what we are about
Concerts during lunch
Readings with beat poetry
Jewelry made from scrap metal

This is what we are about
Jazz dance in the snow
Movies about popcorn
Theater on the stairs

This is what we are about
People of different styles
From all over the planes of life
Held together by three simple letters

This is what we are about
Fighting stereotypes
Trying to make our own imprint

This is what we are about
No one is perfect
No one is right
Equals working together

This is what we are about

by Heidi-rose Isenhart Creuziger ('96, literary arts)