Friday, January 16, 2015

Why Perpich? A new video mini-series

Why Perpich? We are posing this question to current students and their families and to our alumni and many supporters throughout the state.

We think you will enjoy their answers.
Alumni, with total earnestness and no drama, frequently tell us that being able to attend the arts high school changed their lives--a few even say that it saved their lives.
It's true that the high school offers rigorous programs in the arts as well as an outstanding academic program. But more than that, it offers a home for students who might think a bit differently than their peers in other schools. These students might approach their academics with a unique "head set." 
And they sometimes have found it difficult in their home schools to find other students who are as passionate about art as they are. Here they are in a community where every student is passionate about the arts and eager to learn all he or she can.
Today we introduce the first in a brief series of videos about a handful of our alumni who are pursuing rewarding lives following their time at Perpich. You will learn about their current artistic careers and why Perpich was right for them.
The videos were shot and produced by the Twin Cities professional videographer, Rob Jacobs, who happens to be the father of a Perpich alumnus. We thank Rob for the generous donation of his time and talent to produce these videos for the Perpich website. You will find the first one here. Enjoy and feel free to share!

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