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April 2015 alumni updates

Our alumni are always doing great things, be it working in the health field, selling paintings to Macaulay Culkin or finding themselves in AntarcticaŚcheck out the most recent Perpich alumni updates here!

In addition to the great news coverage our alumni have been receiving this month, we’ve gotten word from many others about what they are up to these days. If you are a Perpich alum, be sure to keep us in the loop by filling out an alumni update and letting us know what you’ve been up to! 

Justin Alexander (Bacon) (’98, theater): Directing Hapgood by Tom Stoppard for Six Elements Theater in April-May 2015.  Publishing the Technoir roleplaying game. Doing a variety of awesome game-related stuff at The Alexandrian.

Kaleigh Hinkley (’06, literary arts): Kaleigh left her seven-year career in the financial industry to gather the qualifications for a job "on the ice" by moving to Alaska. She spent the last five months working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica and two weeks volunteering for the Iditarod Trail while staying at the White Mountain checkpoint in northwestern Alaska. Although she's not a fan of the cold, she can't seem to escape it as she gathers writing inspiration with each new experience. She will be returning to McMurdo Station in October 2015. She keeps a blog of her travels here: http://kaleighhinkley.wordpress.com

Brian Heller (’94, music): I am currently the director of the Sound Arts Program at Minneapolis Community & Technical College, in addition to freelance composing and audio work (of which Perpich is a client!). I have been awarded a sabbatical for the upcoming fall semester, which I will use to compose new works and research physical computing. 

Lucas Granholm (‘08, theater): I am finishing up my masters of fine arts degree in lighting design at the University of South Dakota this May. This year two of my lighting designs were recognized by the Kennedy Center and I will be taking my lighting design for Pippin to the Kennedy Center in April. Here is a link to my website.

Gabrielle Schenk (Acuña) (‘08, visual arts): Since 2008, my graduation from Perpich, I studied at the University of Wisconsin-Stout as a multimedia major for two years and in my sophomore year I applied for a year-long study abroad program in Hildesheim, Germany. After completing that year I decided I wanted to pursue my design dreams by transferring from UW-Stout to HAWK Hildesheim and majored in graphic design. I learned to speak German, met my husband and we are now married have two kids and are living in the Frankfurt area. I plan this coming fall to work as a part time designer in a design firm.

Lia Mitchell (Swope) (’95, literary arts): I have continued literary art-ing and some of the results are getting published in various magazines and such. Links and information available at liaswopemitchell.com 

Peggy Johnson (Brown) (’98, media arts): I own a bead shop in White Bear Lake. The shop opened last September so I am six months into my new adventure!

Matthew Strickler (’96, theater): Chaplain residency at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, FL.

Allyssa Kaiser (’09, media arts): Selected by her company, MRY, to attend and blog about tech-forward festival, South by Southwest (SXSW), this month.

Yoko Okumura (’06, media arts): I'm a writer/director in Los Angeles and just graduated from AFI's prestigious directing program. I just found representation at the Gersh Agency which is one of the best agencies in Hollywood. I'm currently in development for my first features film to be shot this summer. I also had an opportunity to teach directing as a visiting artist at the Columbus College of Art and Design a few weeks ago. Also, my thesis film "Kimi Kabuki" will be playing at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival in the fall! I might be coming back to town for that. 

Kieran Bowers (’13, music): My band Color Tab will be releasing its debut EP. The project is produced by John Munson, bassist of alt rock bands Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare. Color Tab played at The Whole Music Club on the University of Minnesota campus on April 10, opening for Great Good Fine OK. Color Tab will be playing a show on Monday, May 4, at Honey in Minneapolis. See more about the show here

Mandikat Duthie (Wirkkula) (’04, music):  I just published a paper on the interaction of arts and music in "Polymath Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal!" You can find it here. I'm currently living in Scotland and am a professional oil painter, always thinking back fondly on my Perpich days. I'm still such a lucky kid!

Freeman Ryan (’13, music): Since I graduated from Perpich, my interests have shifted from music to politics and society. I still play cello and intend on teaching music on the side throughout my life, but at the moment, I am spending the majority of my time working with Socialist Alternative here in Seattle, the U.S branch of the international organization, Committee for a Worker's International. We are currently working on the re-election of our socialist city councilor Kshama Sawant. Perpich was a wonderful place for me and it pushed me to be who I am today. 

Lara Richardson (’09, visual arts): Working as an EMT on the North Shore

Jacob Luse (’11, music): Boring office job by day, DJ and performer by night. Never expected to be working in the mortgage industry, but I like it. I have enough free time for my art and am able to focus on big projects.

Kirsten Goldstein (’09, dance): I am currently working with AmeriCorps VISTA on workforce housing issues in two Yellowstone National Park gateways; Gardiner and West Yellowstone. My experience in the dance department at Perpich prepared me to spatially analyze problems and processes. To this day I still volunteer teach at local studios, wherever I happen to be located. 

Juliana Lillehei (’14, literary arts): I'm finishing up my service as a Minnesota Reading Corps tutor. I will then scurry over to Massachusetts to attend Smith College, where I plan to major in biology as part of my quest to become a pediatrician. Oh, and this month an old piece of mine is being published in 2 Bridges Review, which is one of my first in-print publications. 

Kris (Krys) Metz (’04, music): While I continue to play my bass in a variety of music settings, I have recently started school on my way to a career! After I graduate with my masters degree, I am hoping to work in pediatric hospice care and child life to help improve the quality of life for children whose lives are shortened by illness, and to promote joy, comfort and play while these beautiful kids are still with us. Currently while in school, I volunteer at a hospital on the pediatrics floor.

Tasha Hardy (’92, theater):  I am the supervising producer of animation for the National Geographic Channel's "The Big Picture." It's the first television series I've been a producer on! I feel that my film/tv career really started at Perpich. I was able to focus on my creative dreams at a younger age than most and was able to build the confidence to go after my dreams.

Mara Facile (’09, literary arts): Grades 7-12 visual design teacher, grades 5-6 general art teacher at Pipestone Area Schools. 

Jonny Kelson (’95, music): Jonny Kelson started oil painting last June...no classes. Six of his oil paintings are on their way to New York City to an art dealer who is having a show in April. Jon will be attending the show in NY. One of his paintings of Sean Tillman and Macaulay Culkin was purchased by Macaulay. See more about Jonny here.

Marion Tucker (’11, media): Finishing my BA in cinematography at the School of Cinema Arts + Science at Columbia College Chicago. Before I graduate in May, I will be working as the director of photography on two of Columbia's capstone-level practicum films. Outside of school, I have been working professionally as a camera assistant on independent films in Chicago and for NFL Films. 

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