Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alumni updates for Winter 2017

Alumni updates, we have updates.


Jenny Zigrino, class of '05, has a new web series out on IFC! It's called "The Filling Is Mutual" and is a comedy cooking show. Please check out a few episodes
Jordyn Arndt (visual, ’07) is deep into preparing for the Foreign Service Oral Assessment in March. Send her good vibes! Jordyn has generously volunteered to write an op ed to the Star Tribune about her love for Perpich and its value to all of us in Minnesota. She will be writing that after her oral exam! Good luck, Jordyn!

Olli Johnson, theater grad, has just received word she has received an Artist Initiative award from the Minnesota State Arts Board. As she says on her Facebook page, "Can work towards realizing some visions! YAY to DREAMS COMING TRUE!" Congratulations, Olli!

Karen Jacobson (visual) has a new video describing the delicate processes behind her beautiful work for KJ Design, her fine art jewelry business. You can watch it here. Beautiful work and you can hear the love Karen has for what she does in her voice!
Elle Thoni (literary, ’07) checked in with us to find out what she can do to support Perpich during this transition period. Thanks Elle! Elle is assistant curator at Northern (the fabulous Northern Spark people). She’s going to write to her state reps—you can too. Find ‘em here. Don’t live in the North anymore? Remember you last address here? Use that to find out who reps your hometown and get busy!
Hatie Parmeter, a lit kid circa 2009, has an online magazine called Whoa Mag that she started in 2015. Whoa stands for Women of Heart and Outdoor Adventure. She writes about (and features submissions from) "badass ladies who work and play outdoors." You can check it out on Instagram: @whoamagwhoa. Hatie lives in Chicago and works full-time at as a senior copywriter so she finds herself writing all sorts of content between that and Whoa. Check out Hatie's terrific work!

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