Exhibitions and Performances

An essential part of the studentís experience at Perpich is sharing his or her art with the larger community. The school year calendar is thick with performances, exhibitions, presentations and readings. Our students have more opportunities to perform and exhibit than at any other arts school in Minnesota.

The life of the artist is to communicate with various audiences, to seek connection through art and to understand and grow from constructive responses to his or her work. Parents and teachers are invested in the students’ work and while their support is essential, the student also needs to be exposed to more objective audiences in order to learn and evolve as an artist.

Visual and media arts student exhibitions take place frequently throughout the school year, with juniors and seniors having separate exhibits. Students learn to curate their own work, to decide how to display it and then to actually mount the work in the galleries. They also plan and carry out the gallery openings, arranging for refreshments, music, promotion and signage.

Media arts students also have film screenings at least twice a year in the Performance Hall. Often, the media arts student films include the talents of Perpich actors, poets or musicians in their work.

Literary arts students hold five or six school readings each year, although many also participate in open mics, readings and performance art in other metro venues. The first reading is usually at the school in the Black Box Theater. The others are hosted by several other locations in the Twin Cities, including the Southern Theater, Patrick’s Cabaret and Open Book.

Dance, theater and music all offer performances at least three times each year, sometimes more, and sometimes in collaborative efforts. Theater performances usually feature a fall play that is based on a folk tale(s) from another country; a winter musical and a spring evening of one-act plays. Music performances are given over a two- or three-night series and feature different ensembles each evening.


Exhibition and Performance Calendar

For Perpich Arts High School's upcoming exhibitions and performances, check out our calendar