Thursday, April 28, 2016

Minnesota Scholastic Arts Awards Announced: Guess What?

Perpich Arts High School again dominated the Minnesota Scholastic Awards. Perpich received 91 visual and media awards, including 24 Gold Keys, 27 Silver Keys and 40 honorable mentions. Literary arts students received 14 awards, including two Golds.


The visual/media arts awards ceremony will be at Weisman Art Museum on the University of Minnesota campus on Saturday, Feb. 20. The Gold Key winners will be exhibited at the Regis West Gallery on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota campus, 405 21st Ave. S.
All state Gold Key winners will go on to national competition with the work of those winning Gold and Silver at the national level being displayed in Washington, D.C. Congratulations to all of our talented students!
The awardees are:
Gold Keys
Nina Afremov, junior, literary
Elena Anderson, senior, visual
Allison Baxter (2), junior, visual
Halley Boesen (2), senior, visual
Eli Cooper, junior. media
Tobio Cooperman, junior, visual
Abby Griffin (2), senior, visual
Owlyn Madrone (2), senior, media
Akria Maples, senior, media
Azziza Martin (2), senior, media
Amy Mason, junior, visual
Evan McHenry, junior, media
Sophie Peterson, junior, literary
Ashly Pfister, junior, media
Xan Pioske, senior, visual
Renee Roth (2), senior, media
Carmela Simione, junior, media
Marcus Traun, junior, visual
Kyle Williams, junior, visual
Sherrill Zheng, senior, visual
Silver Keys
Nina Afremov (2)
Halley Boesen (2)
Tyler Broschofsky, senior, media
Elizabeth Bunce, junior, visual
Jesse Bursch, junior, visual
Jacob Condon, junior, media
Frances Fuller, senior, visual
Omena Giles, junior, literary
Abby Griffin
Linnea Groscost, senior, visual
Leila Hansen, senior, visual
Nadija Hunt, junior, literary
Emma Kaempfer, junior, visual
Owlyn Madrone (3)
Ashley McGowen, junior, literary
Evan McHenry
Em Olson (3), junior, media
Sophie Peterson
Andrew Ramlet, junior, media
Seth Sharbono, senior, visual
Livia Sponberg-Paraday, senior, visual
Anna Sundheim, senior, media
Alyssa Toews, junior, media
Skylar Ulju, junior, literary
Tatum Vanyo, junior, media
Cole Velders, senior, literary
Sherrill Zheng (3)
Honorable Mentions
Nina Afremov
Elena Anderson
Rachel Barney (3), senior, visual
Allison Baxter
Halley Boesen
Tyler Broschofsky
Jacob Condon (2)
Luke Coverdale (2), senior, media
Frances Fuller
Linnea Groscost
Keili Jacinto, senior, visual
Alexis Johnson, senior, media
James Lee, junior, media
Owlyn Madrone (5)
Evan McHenry
Madeline Melloy (4), junior, media
Em Olson (2)
Alyssa Pecholt, junior, literary
Andrew Ramlet
Graciella Saucedo (2), junior, literary
Claire Selvog, senior, visual
Carmela Simione
Emily Stoddard, senior, visual
Anna Sundheim (2)
Mya Thompson, junior, visual
Alyssa Toews
Tatum Vanyo
Sherrill Zheng (3)


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