Code of Conduct

Perpich Arts High School takes seriously its duty to educate and supervise the students here. We have developed the policies that govern the school and dormitory carefully and these policies are regularly reviewed by the state attorney general's office. The Student/Parent Handbook includes many additional policies beyond those listed here as well as a table of consequences for specific actions. See to the left hand navigation under "Policies" for information on specific policies.

Campus code of conduct policy—Philosophy

Perpich Arts High School is a place of education where each student has the right to learn and grow in a supportive environment among people who are caring and cooperative. Perpich is committed to working with our students and staff to create a system of accountability that sets clear limits and supports a respectful, school-wide learning community.

The code of conduct has been guided by the following philosophy:

All members of the learning community (students, staff, parents and community) are essential to creating and maintaining a positive learning environment.

The school environment must be physically, socially and emotionally safe for everyone.

The code of conduct is a framework to facilitate teaching and learning by establishing clear expectations and appropriate consequences.

Desired behaviors should be communicated, taught and modeled continually throughout the school year at all levels.

Systematic communication and reflection, based on data and observations, on an individual and collective basis are vital to the successful implementation of the code of conduct.

Conflicts will be handled with respect for the rights of all involved. The policies that follows assist both students and teachers/staff in creating a safe community, which fosters personal growth both behaviorally and academically.

Consistent with these philosophies, Perpich may utilize restorative practices as a response to behavior that impacts the community. Restorative practices are designed to resolve behavioral concerns within the community. They are further designed to allow interested victims to meet offenders in a safe and structured setting. Offenders are held directly accountable for their behavior and encouraged to return and positively contribute to the community.

Parents/guardians are valued members of our learning community and are critical resources in helping students learn to resolve code of conduct violations and behave in a manner that creates a safe learning environment for all. We will encourage and support parents/guardians in playing an active role in the decision process.

Offenses and consequences

Administration reserves the rights to assign consequences to students that engage in conduct which materially or substantially disrupts the rights of others or which endangers the student and/or other students on campus, including in the residence hall. The lists of offenses and consequences outlined throughout the Student/Parent Handbook and code of conduct chart are not intended to be all-inclusive. Administration reserves the right to assign consequences that seem warranted under the circumstances and add or alter definitions of violations and/or their consequences throughout the school year. Students will be notified of additions and/or alterations to policies that may not be outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.

The standards of behavior and consequences for violation of rules outlined in this policy govern student behavior wherever and whenever the school has a duty to care for the student; this includes, but is not limited to, when the student is on campus, on a field trip or at an off-campus performance. In cases where violation of residence hall rules or behavior off campus results in substantial disruption to the school, appropriate disciplinary action in school will be taken.

As appropriate, and depending on the nature and degree of the offense and the number of prior offenses, any one or any combination of consequences may be assigned by administration.

End-of-the-year discipline

Beginning on May 1 of each school year, violations of the code of conduct policy that result in suspension will also result in being barred from campus-sponsored events for the remainder of the school year, including graduation festivities and ceremonies.

Violations of the code of conduct policies by resident students as of May 1 of each school year will result in suspension of the residence hall contract for the remainder of the school year. Consequences, including suspension of the residence hall contract, may also be carried over into the next school year.