Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying—using electronic technology such as cellphones and social networking sites to humiliate, spread rumors, slam or be mean to someone—also can cause disruption to the learning environment and emotional pain to a child’s or youth’s health and spirit. A target of bullying often experiences face-to-face bullying in addition to electronic bullying.

Research on bullying prevention indicates that to effectively reduce bullying and cyber-bullying, the entire school must be involved: adults, students and family members. Curriculum alone is not as effective in reducing bullying as a comprehensive year-round program. Bystanders—students and adults—need education and skills to help change the expectations of all members of the school to help, not hurt, each other.

Educating students and adults about the dynamics of bullying is a key element in a whole school program. Parents and family members can help by monitoring their children’s use of electronic media.