Attendance Policy

Attendance policy

Attendance phone number: 763-279-4199

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Purpose of attendance policy

The Perpich Center for Arts Education board of directors believes that, as a school of choice with acceptance through a competitive process, school attendance should be a top priority every day by every student. The purpose of this policy is to encourage regular school attendance. This policy also recognizes that class attendance is a joint responsibility shared by the student, parent or guardian, teacher and administrators.

Statement of attendance policy

In accordance with the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Law, Minn. Stat. Section 120A.22, students are required to attend all assigned classes each day school is in session unless the student has already been excused by the Perpich Center for Arts Education Board of Directors from attendance because the student has completed all standards required to graduate from high school, has withdrawn or has a valid reason for the absence.

Attendance responsibilities—Students

It is the student’s right to attend school. It is also the student’s responsibility to attend school. Students are expected to attend every scheduled class and field trip on time. The right to attend school can be exercised at schools other than Perpich Arts High School for students that cannot adhere to Perpich Arts High School attendance policy. It is the student’s responsibility to connect directly with the teacher regarding missing assignments when absences occur. Students are expected to talk with teachers directly when a one-day absence is anticipated for appointments, etc., and submit a pre-arranged absence form for longer absences for college visits, etc. The pre-arranged absence form can be obtained from the attendance clerk at the reception desk.

Attendance responsibilities—Parents or guardians

It is the responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian to ensure the student is attending school and on time every day, to notify the school in the event of an absence and to work cooperatively with the school to resolve any attendance problems that may arise. Parents and/or guardians are obligated to compel school attendance pursuant to Minn. Stat. Section 120A.22. 

Attendance responsibilities—Teachers

It is the teacher’s responsibility to take daily attendance and to maintain accurate attendance records in each assigned class or field trip. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to be familiar with all procedures governing the attendance policy and to apply these procedures uniformly. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to communicate concerns about attendance issues to the student, student’s parents or guardians and Perpich Arts High School administration and to provide missed assignments upon request to students who have been absent. 

Attendance responsibilities—Administrators

It is the administrators’ responsibility to require students to attend all assigned classes and field trips. It is also the administrators’ responsibility to be familiar with all procedures governing the attendance policy and to apply these procedures uniformly. It is the administrators’ responsibility to inform a student’s parents or guardians of the student’s attendance status and to work cooperatively with them, the student and teachers to solve attendance problems.

Dissemination of attendance policy

The attendance policy is mailed to each family. The policy is also listed in the Student/Parent Handbook on the Perpich website. The attendance policy and procedures will be reviewed with students the first week of school. 

Required reporting for attendance

Perpich Arts High School administration will first intervene and work closely with students and parent or guardians to support regular school attendance before implementing reports to appropriate services and procedures per Minn. Stat. Section 260A.

A. Continuing Truant: Minn. Stat. Section 260A.02 provides that a continuing truant is a student who is subject to the compulsory instruction requirements of Minn. Stat. Section 120A.22 and is absent from school as defined in Minn. Stat. Section 120A.05 without valid excuse within a single school year for three or more class periods on three days (for students in high school).

B. Habitual Truant: Minn. Stat. Section 260C.007 defines a habitual truant high school student as a student, 16 or 17 years of age, who is absent from school without lawful excuse for one or more class periods on seven days and who has not lawfully withdrawn from school.

Excused absence

An excused absence requires a note or call from parent or guardian (or school nurse for residents on campus) within 24 hours of the absence. Examples of absences considered excused:

  • Illness. Verification from health care professional may be required.
  • Medical or dental appointments. Verification from a health professional may be required.
  • Funerals of student’s immediate family or of a close friend or relative
  • Court-ordered appearances (documentation required)
  • Drivers’ examination
  • Physical emergency conditions in home such as fire or flood
  • Scheduled religious instruction or religious holiday observation
  • Meetings or crisis intervention/prevention with school social worker or school administrators
  • Active duty in any military branch of the United States
  • Removal from school due to suspension
  • Pre-arranged absence for school field trip or other approved school-sponsored activities
  • Pre-arranged absences for family vacations or non-school related rehearsals/performances
  • Pre-arranged absences for college visits
  • Severe weather

Note: Pre-arranged absences require completion of the pre-arranged absence form and may not be approved if student has excessive absences or if student is not passing respective class(es).

Unexcused absence

An unexcused absence indicates that the student is absent from class, with or without parent or guardian consent, for a reason not listed under “Excused” in the absence definitions. Students absent unexcused from school for 10 consecutive days will be officially withdrawn from Perpich Arts High School. Unexcused absences are absences for which proper procedures were not followed such as failure to check in at the health office (residents), to check out with attendance clerk, provide verification from parent or guardian within 24 hours of absence or submit pre-arranged absence slip before absence occurs. Make-up work may be required and credit will be given at the discretion of the teacher, based on classroom policy. Other examples of absences considered unexcused:

  • Oversleeping
  • Forged note or forged phone call from parent or guardian
  • Truancy
  • Work
  • Baby-sitting
  • Unapproved or unverified appointments, vacations or non-school rehearsals/performances
  • Absences resulting in accumulated tardies (five tardies convert to one unexcused absence)
  • Any other absence not listed under excused

What happens when a student’s absence is recorded as excused?

Absences are closely monitored and are recorded daily in a student’s attendance record. Students must pick up an admit slip from the attendance clerk before returning to class.

Documentation from a healthcare professional may be required for excessive absences. A total of 12 absences (excused or unexcused) for any class is considered excessive and may result in a loss of credit recommendation. Students who have excessive absences will be referred to the student support liaison and a meeting with student, parent or guardian and student support team may be convened. The student support team includes the student support liaison, social worker, nurse, guidance counselor, assistant principal and respective teacher(s).

Circumstances associated with the 12 absences, such as medical leave, IEP or 504 plan, family crisis, etc., will be taken into consideration by the student support team.

What happens when a student’s absence is recorded as unexcused?

After one unexcused absence

Students are given written notice and parents/guardians are mailed notification by the attendance clerk. Parents/guardians or student should contact the attendance clerk within three days of the absence if they believe the absence was marked in error. Attendance records will not be revised after three days of the absence.

After two unexcused absences

Students are given written notice and parents/guardians are mailed notification by the attendance clerk. An attendance agreement is developed between the student and teacher within one week of the last unexcused absence. A copy of the agreement is mailed to parents/guardians. The agreement will include deadlines to make up work if applicable and outline the next steps should absences continue.

After three unexcused absences

Students are in jeopardy of losing credit in the class. Student may appeal the loss of credit decision at a meeting that is scheduled by the student support liaison within one week of the last unexcused absence. Please refer to appeal procedures below. 

Loss of credit

Students can lose credit in academic and arts area classes when a student has a total of three unexcused absences, or a total of 12 combined excused or unexcused absences. Students will receive an NC (no credit) on transcripts when credit is lost due to attendance issues.

Juniors who lose credit in any class due to attendance and do not fulfill the minimal require credits may lose the privilege of returning to Perpich for their senior year.

Resident students who lose credit due to attendance, do not fulfill the minimal require credits and had previous dorm violations and/or suspensions may lose their resident status at the discretion of the student support team.

Appeals process

The student support team will determine if the appeal to remain in class will be denied or granted. The student and parent/ guardian will be notified of the decision within three days of the meeting. Criteria considered before making the decision include:

Reasons for the absences

Student’s academic standing in the class

Options of student making up missed work (i.e., class participation cannot be duplicated)

Commitment demonstrated by classroom behaviors

Student’s communication with the teacher regarding the absences

The student support team, teachers, student and parent/guardians are invited to attend any appeals meeting scheduled. The student must remain in the class pending the outcome of the meeting. Loss of credit will be effective the date of the scheduled meeting if the student does not attend the meeting.

If the appeal is granted, a student support plan will be written to serve as a probationary tool that indicates that future absences will subject student to loss of credit proceedings with no further opportunity for appeal. Conditions in the plan may also include deadlines for make-up work, mandatory remedial time, referral to mental health specialist or guidance counselor, etc.

If the appeal is not granted, the student will be referred to the guidance counselor to review other possible options to earn needed credits. Withdrawal proceedings will be discussed if alternative credit options are not possible and this leaves the student short credits to graduate (seniors) or to return to Perpich for the senior year (juniors).