Campus media content policy

Campus media content policy

Students should be aware that many topics are highly sensitive to other students and parents, especially in a school setting where students should always feel safe and comfortable. These topics include: gender, race, ethnicity, sex, drugs, violence, religion, language and politics. The position of the school in regard to printed or audio/visual materials that deal with these or other potentially sensitive topics are to promote healthy socialization with understanding, safety and a sense of community. Some materials are not appropriate on campus, even when the materials may have artistic merit.

In conjunction with the code of conduct policy, the following are not permitted on Perpich Arts High School campus: Audiovisual materials (computer-generated, tapes, DVDs, video games) or printed materials that depict sexual acts, full nudity in sexual context, pro-drug messages, repetitive profanity, inflammatory religious, sexual or racial content or extreme violence and gore (body mutilation/blood). Parents will be notified of any possession of such materials and consequences may result in confiscation of materials and school suspension; sharing such materials with other students may also result in school suspension or expulsion.

Administration must approve any audiovisual materials that students intend to view with other students on campus before the material is shown or shared with others.

Printed materials (including photos/posters) that display nudity in sexual context, sexual acts or extreme violence and gore are prohibited from public display on Perpich Arts High School campus. Staff will refer questionable materials posted anywhere on campus to Perpich Arts High School director or designee for determination of appropriateness. Materials that promote unsafe or inappropriate practices including internet dating, escort services, personals soliciting for relationships or materials that promote drugs or ways to alter drug tests will be confiscated.