Chemical use policy

Chemical use policy—Philosophy

Chemical use is detrimental to individuals and their development, the learning process and to a school community. The residence hall and Perpich Arts High School administration will not assume responsibility or liability for students who make decisions to use drugs or alcohol. Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia and selling or supplying drugs (including prescription drugs) to others are a violation of criminal statute. Therefore, since chemical use is a serious legal and health issue, the possession, use and/or supplying of alcohol, other drugs and/or drug paraphernalia on campus or when returning to campus is prohibited under any circumstances. Assistance is provided to students who are interested in getting help before use becomes a disciplinary issue.

Chemical use policy—Zero tolerance

Perpich Arts High School has adopted a zero tolerance approach to drug and alcohol use and/or possession or supply. Zero tolerance defined by Perpich administration means disciplinary action will be taken for any possession, use or supplying of any drugs or drug paraphernalia on the Perpich Center for Arts Education campus.

Chemical use policy—Use

Ingesting, smoking, inhaling, injecting or otherwise taking into the body any of the substances considered to be alcohol and/or other drugs on campus or at off-campus school/residence hall-related events and activities or at any time while under the school or residence hall care. “Use” includes returning to campus after having used alcohol or other drugs or intending to return to campus after having used (for example, if not signed out for the day from school or overnight from the residence hall). Any trace of alcohol or other drugs detected in a urinalysis would indicate returning to campus after using and constitute a violation of this policy.

Chemical use policy—Possession

Holding alcohol, drugs and/or paraphernalia on one’s person (i.e. pockets), belongings (i.e. vehicles, books, purse, book bag) or in Perpich Arts High School property (i.e. residence hall rooms, lockers). This includes storing, producing or cultivating a drug.

Chemical use policy—Supplying

Any involvement in the exchange, sale and/or transfer of drugs, alcohol and/or paraphernalia

Chemical use policy—Searches

See “Searches” (page 75 of the Student/Parent Handbook) in the school policies section for school policy regarding searches of property and person.

Chemical use policy—Provisions for resident students

The residence hall staff cannot assume responsibility for students who make decisions that jeopardize the safety of themselves or the community. One violation of the chemical use policy will result in cancellation of the student’s residence hall contract. Resident students with a history of drug use or who have been in treatment will be required to agree to a no-use contract before moving into the residence hall. The purpose of the no-use contract is to support students in their commitment to stay drug-free while living away from home. This contract will include meetings with staff or other resource people, counseling or referral to student support groups depending on a student’s specific issues and concerns.

Chemical use policy—Violations and consequences

Drug testing

When more than one staff member has a reasonable suspicion that a student may be in possession of or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the student will be asked to take a chemical test at a pre-determined local clinic to disprove that determination and/or a search will be conducted. Students must contact parent/guardian before the test is administered, and student or parentsguardians must cover clinic expenses. When a student admits or staff has a reasonable suspicion that a student is under the influence, the student’s parent/guardian is contacted and required to take his/her student off campus right away. If the parent/guardian is unable or unwilling to remove the student from campus, 911 will be called to transport the student to the hospital for medical evaluation or to police custody.

Required no-use contracts

Students (residents and commuters) who receive a positive result from a drug or alcohol screen (i.e., DWI) performed by the police or a licensed facility while off campus at any time may be required to enter into a no-use contract with criteria based on individual circumstances.

Code of conduct outlines possible consequences

Recommended consequences for violations of the chemical use policy are detailed on the code of conduct chart in the Student/Parent Handbook. Depending on the nature and degree of the offense and the number of prior offenses, any one or combination of the list of consequences found in the Other Actions section may also be assigned by Perpich Arts High School administration. The code of conduct chart is not intended to be all-inclusive. Consequences may carry into the next school year.

Cancellation of residence hall contracts

If Perpich Arts High School determines the quantity and nature of the alcohol, or other drugs and/or paraphernalia being used, possessed and/or supplied at any time presents a substantial danger to Perpich Arts High School community, school expulsion procedures and/or cancellation of the residence hall contract may be implemented.