Prohibited objects policy

Prohibited Objects Policy

When working on school projects, students sometimes may bring to campus objects that are prohibited by school policy. Prohibited objects include, but are not limited to, alcoholic beverage containers, drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, weapons and look-alike weapons (i.e. toy weapons). Regardless of a student’s intent, failure to receive prior authorization and failure to follow procedures for possessing prohibited objects on campus will result in consequences that may include suspension or expulsion.

Because of the safety issues involved, weapons are of special concern. Equipment that is used in the visual arts department such as Exacto knives, staple guns, etc. are considered weapons outside the visual arts classroom. This type of equipment must be stored in the visual arts classroom and is not permitted on key chains, in lockers, backpacks, etc.

Weapons include firearms and look-alikes, knives and look-alikes, and any objects or substances that could reasonably be considered weapons given the circumstances. Weapons and look-alike weapons and ammunition are not permitted on school property. Regardless of intent, possessing, storing or keeping a weapon or look-alike weapon on school property is a violation of law and of school policy. See the school’s behavior policy for consequences that include suspension or expulsion and a report to the police.

Before bringing any prohibited object to school, authorization must be received and the procedures below must be followed:

Authorization: Before bringing the object to campus, a student must receive authorization to use the prohibited object from the teacher overseeing the project, Perpich Arts High School director or designee and campus safety team.

Notification: The teacher and the campus safety team will determine the appropriate use and storage of the object. The student will be notified of the arrangements and only then may bring the object to campus.

Storage: The object will be stored by the teacher or by the campus safety team and checked in and out each time it is used.

Additional notice: Dependent on the nature, location and timing of the project, the entire school may be notified through public postings.