Technology and internet acceptable use policy

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Philosophy

The purpose of offering individuals at Perpich Arts High School access to technology resources and the internet is to promote excellence in research and education consistent with the school’s mission and policies. Technology skills are now fundamental to the preparation of citizens and future employees. Students will develop these skills as they interact with the unique resources available through computer technology. With access to some computer technology like the internet comes a danger of encountering materials and participating in activities inappropriate for students at our school.

We believe that with education, along with parent/guardian guidance, the benefits of responsible use exceed potential risks. Access to computer technology is a privilege provided by the school and it carries with it the responsibility to use resources appropriately. Failure to adhere to school policy regarding acceptable use of computer technology and the internet will result in restrictions or loss of school-sponsored access to computer technology (including access to the internet) and other appropriate disciplinary action.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Computer use

Macintosh computers are available for student use. Students are encouraged to purchase writable media (CDs, DVDs), USB flash drives and/or external hard drives for personal backup of their important computer work and for year-end backup of their data. Most computers on campus have the capability of writing CDs and DVDs for this purpose (most can also connect to external storage as well). These are available at most retailers. If you are unsure of how to use computers/technology or have questions, please see a member of information technology services. Students are expected to abide by the following rules when using Perpich Arts High School computers:

  • No misuse of school computer (i.e. inappropriate websites, bullying, etc.). 
  • No rough play is allowed in the computer labs.
  • No beverages or food are allowed in the computer labs.
  • Respect the work of others.
  • Do not add or delete programs from the computers.
  • Log out when you leave your computer station.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Acceptable use

Individuals are expected to use access to computer technologies to further their educational and personal goals consistent with Perpich Arts High School mission and school policies. The guidelines of responsible, considerate and ethical behavior expected of students at Perpich Arts High School extend to the use of all campus computers, all campus network resources and networks throughout the world to which the school provides access. The following are some examples of acceptable use of school-sponsored computer technology:

  • Complete class work and personal projects.
  • Locate information needed to complete class required research or personal research.
  • Participate in distance learning projects.
  • Download appropriate information from the internet to personal network folders provided by the school.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Unacceptable use

The following examples of unacceptable use and possible consequences listed are not intended to be all-inclusive. They are presented as guidelines for administrators, teachers, students and parents. Students are expected to refrain from accessing internet sites that promote unsafe or inappropriate practices including software piracy, copyright violation, illegal file sharing, internet dating, escort services or personal advertisements soliciting for relationships.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Consequences for unacceptable use

Depending on the nature and degree of the violation and the number of previous violations, unacceptable use of the school-sponsored computer technologies will result in one or more of the following consequences: warnings, restrictions on use, suspension of use, fines for damages and repairs and discipline under any appropriate school policies up to and including suspension, expulsion and exclusion from school and suspension or cancellation of the residence hall contract.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Notice to users and parents/guardians

Perpich Arts High School does not control information on the internet. While Perpich Arts High School has taken measures to restrict access to inappropriate materials, it cannot always prevent individuals from finding such materials. Some sites on the internet may contain materials that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive to some people. Information literacy skills integrated into the school’s curriculum teach responsible and effective use of the internet. In the interest of preventing internet access to materials that, taken as a whole, lack serious artistic and educational value, filtering software is in use on the school’s network connection to the internet (which includes all personal devices and computers that connect to our network). This software blocks or filters access to internet content that may reasonably be considered harmful to minors and/or illegal as defined by state and federal law.  

The school does not guarantee the privacy of individuals using any computer technology resources while on campus, including personal devices. Staff has the responsibility and retains the right to monitor and review the content of individual files, accounts or devices in order to support the safe and appropriate use of resources consistent with school mission and policies. In addition, data may become accessible to unauthorized individuals because of software or hardware failures or other means.

Perpich Arts High School makes no warranties of any kind for the computer technology access it provides, and it is not responsible for the accuracy, nature or quality of information gathered through that access. The school is not responsible for any damages users suffer, including but not limited to loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions in the service, equipment failure or financial obligations that may result from misuse.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Residence hall users

A series of wireless access points are configured in the residence hall for residence hall residents’ use. This network is password protected and the password should not be shared with anyone except other residence hall residents. The login credentials for the wireless network are available in the residence hall office.

Technology And Internet Acceptable Use Policy—Multi-media equipment center (aka the “Batcave”)

The multimedia equipment center is responsible for supporting the agency and academic divisions with media/AV needs. Students, faculty and staff wishing to use the Batcave’s equipment/facilities must present a valid ID. This card acknowledges your responsibility for any damage, loss (theft included) or replacement of equipment you borrow. Anyone abusing access privileges (overdue fines, misuse of equipment, etc.) may have his/her access suspended or denied.

Equipment care

Students are responsible for any equipment they check out. Technical equipment must be handled with care. If you lack the operational knowledge to use an item, please ask for help. You may be denied access if your knowledge seems inadequate. When checking out or returning equipment, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the transaction is accurate and complete before leaving the equipment room.

Check-out procedures

When checking out items from the Batcave be prepared to accurately describe the equipment you wish to borrow. Please plan for time to test equipment and receive equipment operation instruction. Items are automatically checked out for two days unless other restrictions apply. A one-day extension may be permitted during the week. Equipment checked out on Friday is due by 2 p.m. on Monday. There is no extension on a weekend checkout. Separate notices listed at the Batcave about check out/in times may apply for some equipment.

Equipment is non-transferable. If you choose to pass equipment to another classmate, you must both complete the transaction at the Batcave in person. If your name is on the checkout record, you are responsible for it.


All patrons (students, staff and faculty) are subject to fines for tardiness or abuse of equipment or policies. This policy is strictly enforced and insures equipment will be available for those who have items reserved. If fines are due, access privileges will be denied. Any unpaid fines at the end of the semester will cause charges to be added to your account. Equipment abandoned or left unattended will result in a $10 fine. Fines on all other equipment are $2/day and a hold is put on all further access. Students who have signed out equipment that is subsequently lost or stolen will pay the replacement cost of the item and any late fees associated with the item. If an item is lost or stolen, it is in a student’s best interests to report it immediately to Batcave staff.