Tobacco-free campus policy

Tobacco-free campus policy—Philosophy

Perpich Center for Arts Education is a state agency mandated as tobacco-free. The use of tobacco is illegal for individuals under 18 years of age. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on our campus. The bus shelter is within the boundaries of our campus and therefore, smoking/tobacco use is not allowed in it by students. In order to maintain a respectful relationship with the neighbors of the Perpich Center for Arts Education, students may not smoke near or on neighbors’ property or on the bridge over the railroad tracks.

Tobacco-free campus policy—Searches

See “Searches” (page 75) in the Student/Parent Handbook for school policy regarding searches of property and person and vehicles.

Tobacco-free campus policy—Violations and consequences

If Perpich Arts High School determines the manner of tobacco product use presents a substantial danger to Perpich Arts High School community, it reserves the right to take immediate and appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension, exclusion and expulsion from school and suspension or cancellation of the residence hall contract.

Staff will confiscate tobacco products they see or find in students’ possession in any school building and on school property. Possible consequences for violation of this policy are in the code of conduct chart. Depending on the nature, location and degree of the offense and the number of prior offenses, any one or combination of consequences found in the “Other Actions” section may be assigned. The consequences listed in the code of conduct chart are not intended to be all-inclusive; they are presented as guidelines for staff and students.