Vehicle policy

Vehicle policy—Registration

It is required that students who bring a vehicle to campus must register and keep that vehicle on campus as space permits. Registration includes completion of the car-on-campus permission form and purchase of a $200 parking permit. (Permits will not be issued until all other campus fee obligations have been paid.) If Perpich students carpool with other Perpich students, up to four students may share one $200 parking permit. Only one of the four vehicles is allowed on campus each day. Students are responsible for completing all paperwork associated with parking permits and parking permits must be displayed appropriately when cars are parked in our lots. If a student drives more than one vehicle to campus, each vehicle must be registered and display a permit.

Unregistered vehicles will be fined, towed or booted at owner’s expense until a permit is purchased.

Vehicle policy—Vehicle use

Resident and commuter students may use their vehicles during non-class time without special permission. Students who transport other students do so at their own liability. Students and parents/guardians assume all liability in the case of accidents and injury.

Vehicle policy—Violations

Students are expected to use their vehicles safely and responsibly at all times while on campus. Security staff may give fines for failure to register vehicles, display permits or repeatedly parking in the wrong parking area. Police notification, loss of car privileges and/or school suspensions will be imposed for: 

  • Multiple ticketed violations of the vehicle policy can incur fines up to $25 per violation
  • Students who park illegally in handicap spaces will be ticketed by the Golden Valley Police Department
  • Violation of the chemical use policy
  • Driving in a reckless manner on campus that threatens the safety of self or others
  • Driving on the campus lawn
  • Use of vehicle for inappropriate or illegal activities by owner or other students
  • Consistent use of vehicle by other students without parental consent

Students are advised that their vehicles are subject to searches at any time as a condition of parking on campus. Car privileges are automatically restricted or revoked when students violate chemical use policy.

Vehicle policy—Vehicle problems

The school does not provide services related to vehicle problems such as dead battery, keys locked in vehicle, flat tires, etc. Families are encouraged to have backup transportation plans for those times when students have vehicle problems while at school. In addition, families should consider purchasing emergency road service.

Vehicle policy—Vehicle parking

The campus map shows the parking lots and their designations on campus. Residents are required to park in the residence hall lot only; commuters are required to park in the commuter lots only. Failure to use the appropriate parking lot may result in a warning ticket, fines up to $25 per violation, boot or tow and/or revocation of permit. Unauthorized parking in handicapped designated spaces or fire lanes will be ticketed and fined without warning by the Golden Valley police.