The English program is both academically rigorous and art-centered.

Our courses are college preparatory and we regularly review our curriculum to ensure that it meets and exceeds state standards in language arts and communication.

Through high expectations, all students are given the opportunity to develop a strong foundation of skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in classrooms that are largely discussion-based.

Throughout the rich variety of offerings—including American and world literature, film studies and mass media, writing and speech—art is both the subject of and means of study.

The English curriculum reflects a commitment to diversity of perspectives and prepares students to participate knowledgeably in a complex, multicultural world. Academic writing, media literacy, public speaking and creative writing in a variety of genres are also mainstays of our program.

Opportunities for seniors to engage in college-level work within the high school classroom includes College in the Schools (CIS) Communications and AP English Literature and Composition.