The arts high school music program is designed for dedicated music students with a broad range of musical interests.

Across the musical spectrum—in jazz, folk, popular, rock and classical genres— students focus on developing fluency in musical language, performance and compositional artistry and technique.
We are looking for students who are passionate about the study of music, open to many musical styles and cultures and eager to cultivate their unique musical voice. 
Students divide their time in the afternoons between music seminars and small non-conducted ensembles. Seminars, which are daily classes lasting six to eight weeks, focus on a wide range of musical topics including composition, electronic music and recording, theory, history, guitar technique and styles and African music. 
The small ensembles of the arts high school foster the development of a personal musical voice by enabling students to choose ensemble members and music, and by encouraging a collaborative approach to rehearsal. Ensembles typically include jazz bands, classical ensembles, rock bands, folk and pop groups. Some ensembles write their own music while others arrange existing music for the instruments and voices in their group. Music generated in ensembles and in choir is performed during five concert series throughout the school year.
Music students are encouraged to participate in the Perpich choir in the fall, and in the music-theater production in the spring, both of which are open to all students.

Print by Bill Jeter, artist and retired Perpich visual arts instructor