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  • Sandra Woodhull

    Visual Arts Instructor High School
  • Wesley Wallace

    Science Instructor High School
  • Cristina Silkey

    School Nurse Student Services
  • Mike Sande

    Maintenance Supervisor Facilities
  • Thane Plantikow

    Special Education Paraprofessional High School
  • Brian Pickerell

    Science Instructor High School
  • Tory Peterson

    Theater Instructor High School
  • Pam Paulson

    Director of Professional Development and Resources Outreach
  • Jerry Miller

    Campus Security Officer Security
  • Stephanie Lein Walseth

    Education Specialist in Theater Outreach
  • Lon Lamprecht

    Executive Assistant Administration
  • Kafumba Kromah

    Security Guard Facilities
  • Trina Keller

    French Instructor High School
  • Thomas Johnston

    Director of Finance Administration
  • Scott Johnson

    Maintenance Worker Facilities
  • Jeremy Holien

    Education Specialist in Visual and Media Arts Outreach
  • Mary Harding

    Dance Instructor & Education Specialist in Dance High School
  • Shannon Hannigan

    Literary Arts Instructor High School
  • Jody Gentz

    Student Records Coordinator Student Services
  • Bob Frey

    Social Studies Instructor High School
  • Craig Farmer

    Art History Instructor High School
  • Karla Donner

    Front Desk/Attendance Clerk High School
  • Anne Dennison

    Librarian Library
  • Julie Crosby

    Plant Maintenance Engineer Facilities
  • Kevin Clark

    English Instructor High School
  • Tom Carlson

    English Instructor High School
  • Suzanne Bursh

    Administrative Assistant Outreach
  • Joćo Bichinho

    Social Studies Instructor High School
  • James Allen

    Music Instructor High School
  • Ben Aban

    Maintenance Worker Facilities