Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Perpich Library REOPENED!

Perpich Library relocated and reopened after a summer of water damage.

     The Perpich Library was invaded over the summer by rain water running onto the floor due to problems with the foundation. Librarian Anne Dennison reported water "flowing" across the floor. While there had been some problems with leakage in the northeast corner in previous years, this was the worst yet.
     When the carpet was pulled up, asbestos was discovered, complicating any solutions for the space. Fortunately, no books or other library materials were harmed, but it became apparent the library would have to be moved in order to address the issues revealed by the leaks.
     After a summer and early fall moving and storing library materials in new locations, the "new" library is now opening for business! A smaller but fully functional library with internet access and computers, along with books, magazines, CDs and DVDs has been set up in what was the Large Glass Box meeting room in the Gaia Building to the southeast of the high school building on campus. The professional collection is also in the Gaia Building in a nearby room.
     The library has informally been renamed the Floating Glass Library. ("Floating" refers to floating on air--the illusion given when in the Large Glass Box, as opposed to floating in water, as in the old location.)


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