What is the professional development arm of the Perpich Center?

Perpich’s professional development and research unit offers professional development, research, curriculum development and support for standards-based teaching and learning in the arts and through the arts.

So they work with teachers?

They work with teachers, administrators, teaching artists, community organizations and arts organizations throughout the state of Minnesota.

How do they do this?

They are involved in statewide projects that focus on arts integration and standards-based teacher and administrator development. In addition, Perpich Arts Outreach has three regional centers in Albert Lea, Elk River and Duluth that serve the schools in the regions around them through classes and workshops.

What type of work is done?

Outreach content coordinators work with schools on arts program planning, development of standards-based curriculum and assessment and integration with core academics. Perpich also serves as a state coordinator for the national arts education program, Turnaround Arts, and initiated the Perpich Arts Integration Network for Teachers in the Lakes District, southeast, northeast and southwest Minnesota. In addition, Perpich is involved in policy issues involving arts education, currently heading a state policy effort, SP3.

Do they offer grants to help schools and organizations in this work?

During the first two years that local schools collaborate with Perpich on the Arts Integration Network, monies are made available for the purchase of materials, for community artist involvement and for substitute teachers to cover professional development time. Other programs may offer financial support, depending on the program grants.

How do they work with artists and art organizations?

The outreach staff often work with artists and art organization in collaboration to develop programs and resources to enhance arts education programs in schools along with offering teachers broader training in their content areas.

What is the cost to teachers, participating schools/districts for this service?

Outreach to schools/districts that request assistance is typically free. Classes and workshops generally require paid enrollment in return for CEUs and other professional development credentials.