Programs and Services

Arts Integration program

The Perpich arts integration project is entering its sixth year and has worked and continues to work with networks of schools from the Lakes Country, southeast Minnesota, northeast Minnesota and, beginning in 2016, a group of schools in southwest Minnesota. Individual schools or entire districts can apply be be part of the arts integration network and to work with Perpich outreach specialists to improve standards-based student learning through collaborative arts integrations. Participating schools must have an arts specialist on staff.

Turnaround Arts: Minnesota

Turnarund Arts is a program of the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities designed to take the lowest performing schools in the U.S. and employ the arts to raise achievement, improve school culture and increase parent and community involvement.

In-house arts education specialists

Coordinators and specialists help schools implement Minnesota’s arts standards in visual and media arts as well as theater arts through planning, curriculum and assessment development, coaching and mentoring.

State and national policy 

Perpich heads a policy planning group, the State Policy Planning Project, funded through the national organization, Americans for the Arts. The senior director for policy at Perpich also serves on several national arts education and higher education boards, assuring that Minnesota's voice is a prominent one in national discussions regarding arts education. Both outreach coordinators and Perpich Arts High School faculty have served as co-authors of national arts standards writing teams and are actively involved in development of state arts standards.


Perpich Outreach impact

Did you know? 

Perpich Outreach efforts serve teachers and students in 533 districts throughout Minnesota.

“The workshop helped to morph my classroom into a space where students were more engaged, respected and included in the learning process.”
— Albert Lea Senior High School English and Journalism teacher