Minnesota’s Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP)

Minnesota’s Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) provides assistance to selected public school districts as they plan and implement a comprehensive K-12 school arts education program. Defining “arts” as dance, media arts, music, theater and visual arts, CAPP helps local school- community teams create multi-year strategic plans for arts education for all students. The two- year CAPP program provides leadership development, networking with other CAPP leaders from across the state, site visits, resources and a small amount of funding to support committee operation.  Examples of arts education improvements through CAPP in school districts and communities include:
  • Development of leaders in arts education
  • New or revised curriculum in all arts areas, based on the new  MN Academic Standards in the Arts K-12
  • Professional development opportunities for arts and non-arts teachers
  • Increased staffing in the arts
  • Opportunities for artists residences
  • New or updated arts facilities
  • Policies adopted to support arts education
  • Stronger school/community collaborations including partnership with arts and community organizations and higher education institutions
Currently, the CAPP program is looking for school districts that have been past participants to help restart and recharge the CAPP program, making it a relevant and refreshed arts planning program for school districts in the state of Minnesota.
Please contact Kristi Johnson, Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP) Director with questions and/or for more information at kristi.johnson@pcae.k12.mn.us or 763-279-4183.