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We provide consultation and online resources on arts education research, curricula and curriculum mapping, assessment guides, articles about achievement in the arts and more.

For example, Orono arts teachers are working on standards-based curriculum development with Perpich.

Aaron Ruhland, director of learning and accountability for Orono Public Schools and Lockie Chapman, visual arts instructor for Orono, praise Jeremy Holien, visual and media arts education coordinator for Perpich Center for the Arts, as instrumental in supporting their work in a curriculum review process that began in 2014 and continues. They say the Orono school board members "enthusiastically support the work and believes it aligns with a 21st century, visionary paradigm being implemented in teaching and learning across the district." They believe Holien's "focused guidance and his strong professional experience and reach on local and national levels enhanced our vision and ability to communicate the value of a strong, progressive K-12 arts curriculum." To demonstrate the process they have been working on, the Orono arts program created the video below. 

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