June 2016 Workshop: Supporting Effective Teacher Development and Evaluation for Arts Teachers

A workshop focusing on how arts teachers and principals can work together in their local teacher development and evaluation (TDE) process to improve instruction and student outcomes.

teachers adding to flipchart

Presenters included:

Wendy Barden,
Music Education Consultant

Jeremy Holien,
Visual & Media Arts Education
Perpich Center for Arts

Tyler Livingston, Supervisor
Minnesota Department of

This arts-focused workshop included:

Defining/Describing Instructional Effectiveness in the Arts

  1. What does it mean to be artistically literate: creating, performing/presenting, and responding?
  2. How can teachers and principals use academic standards for students and their local standards for effective practice (e.g., local TDE rubric) to:

  • Reflect on and assess educator practices,

  • Create improvement goals for teachers and students

  • Identify and strengthen instruction, assessment and curriculum

Observing and Evaluating Effective Arts Instruction

  1. What can observers look for as evidence that students are using the artistic processes to meet arts standards?
  2. How can observers provide feedback that is specific, evidence-based and focused to support teacher growth?


To learn more, you can review the workshop presentation below and find supportive material from the workshop complete with downloadable content here.


Workshop Resources

Downloadable workshop files, presentations, and documents