Teacher Development and Evaluation: Background on Minnesota Initiative

The 2015 Minnesota Legislature enacted statutory legislation requiring teacher development and evaluation processes be established in all Minnesota school districts. The Minnesota SP3 team, working with these requirements, has moved forward with research into effective practices for supporting the professional development of arts teachers.

Information below documents work done by the state legislature, the Minnesota Department of Education, and the Minnesota SP3 team to help guide districts as they development their local plans for teacher development and evaluation.

state capitol

The Legislature

2015 State legislative statutes governing teacher development:

SP3 member Kathy Brynaert, former state representative, reviewed this legislation's pathway through the Minnesota legislature. Here are her observations. 

wordle of survey words

Surveying Constituents

In May 2015, Minnesota arts teachers were surveyed about teacher evaluation for arts educators. Here is the report of findings from over 1,000 art teachers who responded.


In fall 2015, Minnesota principals were surveyed around their evaluation processes with arts teachers. Although the number of responses were low, the demographics of the respondents indicate a good sampling of principals from across th state. Here is the final report.

Perpich Arts High School

TDE Pilot Projects

The Perpich Arts High School piloted the Teacher Development and Evaluation model developed by the Minnesota Department of Education. Here is the final report for implementation work from 2013-2016 at the Perpich High School. (The report references Appendix A and Appendix B.)


The Minnesota Department of Education piloted the model in seventeen school throughout Minnesota.  Here is a link to the evaluation report prepared by the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement. 


Follow this link for a summary of lessons learned and recommendations from the statewide pilot. 

Additional Resources

Review of Arts Teacher Evaluation across US

The SP3 group conducted an internet research to answer the question, What are other states doing in regard to arts teacher evaluation? Here is a table of their findings.


Articles of interest on TDE

A short selection of internet articles on teacher development and evaluation, with a focus on arts teachers.