Cityview Community School

Cityview Artwork

Cityview Community School of Innovation and French Immersion offers an "innovative, individualized and interactive" learning experience for students from pre-K through fifth grade. The school, located in north Minneapolis, opened its doors in 2014 with approximately 200 students. It currently serves 386 students and continues to grow. Approximately 94% of the students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Roughly 79% of students are African American, 8% are Asian, 1% are Hispanic, 3% are Native American, and 9% are white. On average, between 24% of Cityview's stidents are homeless or highly mobile and 20% qualify for Special Education services. 

Artwork at Cityview
Poised for Arts Success

Before joining Turnaround Arts, Cityview students did not have access to arts classes. But beginning in the fall of 2016, they have classes in art and music with the addition of two licensed arts specialists! A music therapist is also working in the building.


The school building is fertile ground for creating an arts-rich learning environment. It has two large art rooms, a kiln, a multipurpose room with a stage, sound system, projection screen, an outside stage, additional instructional spaces that can be used for the arts, and a large gymnasium. Imagine the special arts-infused place it can become!


Teachers are already imagining just that. Cityview’s mission is to create scholars who are innovative and engaged global citizens. The staff is excited to implement the Turnaround Arts initiative to achieve this mission. They believe that arts integration will be an integral component of their school Improvement plan which focuses on increased academic success, family engagement, and positive school­ wide engagement. The dedicated staff at Cityview begins with a growth mindset: they support each other, plan together, and continue to try new things to engage each individual student.




Setting Goals

Cityview will use the arts to address goals in three priority areas: Student Learning, Family Involvement, and School Culture and Climate. Their Strategic Arts Plan is still being finalized, so check back for details.


Cityview Community School: Quick Facts

Cityview Community School of Innovation and French Immersion, 3350 North 4th street, Minneapolis, MN 55411

Phone: 612-668-2770

Principal: Renee Montague


Grades: PreK - 5, ECFE

Enrollment: 386


Student Population

79%   African American

8%     Asian

9%     Caucasian

1%     Hispanic

3%     Native American

94%   Free/Reduced Lunch

20%   Special Education

11%   Limited English Proficiency

24%   Homeless or Highly Mobile