Stonebridge World School


Stonebridge World School is a charter school located in south Minneapolis. It opened in 2007 and has about 300 Kindergarten through sixth grade students. The school is 60% African American and 31% Hispanic, with the remainder White and Native American. 89% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch. In addition, Stonebridge serves a  highly mobile population-- 40% of students live in homeless shelters or foster care. The school also struggles with a high teacher turnover rate, as they regularly lose teachers to larger districts.

Aligning Efforts

The school’s goals are designed to help students gain the academic, behavioral, social and emotional skills necessary to achieve state and national academic standards and close the achievement gap. The school’s IB program has a strong focus on inquiry based learning, which staff see as a natural and powerful accompaniment to learning in and through the arts. In addition, the “Teacher Advancement Program” (TAP) focuses on building teacher capacity and increasing student achievement. Teachers and administration at Stonebridge are passionate and enthusiastic about trying new initiatives and excited to be a Turnaround Arts school.


The Stonebridge Board of Directors, teachers and administration strongly support arts integration and believe that the arts will enhance the school improvement plan,  increase student academic achievement and engagement as well as family involvement, and improve school culture and climate. The school is excited about the opportunity to create partnerships with arts organizations, integrate art strategies into the classroom, work with artists to create real connections to the arts for students.



Setting Goals

Stonebridge will use the arts to address goals in three priority areas: Student Learning, Family Involvement, and School Culture and Climate. Their Strategic Arts Plan is still being finalized, so check back for details.

Stonebridge World School: Quick Facts

Stonebridge World School, 4530 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Phone: 612.877.7400

Principal: Barbara Novy


Grades: K - 6

Enrollment: 293


2016 MDE Designation: Priority


Student Population

60%   African American

0%     Asian

4%     Caucasian

31%   Hispanic

5%     Native American

92%   Free/Reduced Lunch

20%   Special Education

19%   Limited English Proficient

25%   Homeless and Highly Mobile