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A letter to Perpich Students and Families on the Death of George Floyd

May 28, 2020

Dear Perpich Arts High School Community,

It is not often that words escape me, but I am struggling to come up with the appropriate message a leader should deliver in a time such as this. The death of George Floyd has left me with a heaviness that is hard to describe. This moment is painful for our entire state, especially our communities of color, who will be impacted by the trauma and grief for years to come. Indeed, the news coverage and horrific images leave us feeling sadness, or anguish, or anger, or all of these and more. Know that you are not alone.

Because of the way we are working to run our school in this distance environment, I am fortunate to be spending a lot of quality time with Rebecca Bullen. We have spent some time over the past couple of days talking about these events. She has been able to find words that have not come to me. I asked her to share some with me.

Rebecca Bullen: “I wonder how everyone is doing and the impact on your overall well-being. You may be spinning in emotions from anger, deep sadness, and feeling hopeless to helpless. During this time of tragedy, it is important to connect and to take care of yourselves. Connect with others, listen, discuss, and be active. While my heart hurts, I am also reminded of the strength of our community and the power of you as artists and your amazing ability to use your art as a powerful tool. Be safe, use your voices, connect and reach out as needed. We continue to be a community and a source of support for each other.”

Thanks for these words, Rebecca.

Thanks for being the community that you are, Perpich!

Conn McCartan, Principal