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COVID-19 Data Dashboard & Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 Data Dashboard – Updated May 13, 2021

Mental Health Resources for parents and students

Parent Resources

From the website: Feel like your teen is struggling but don’t know how to help them? These free mental health online resources can provide you with tips on how to productively communicate with your teen about the importance of prioritizing their mental health, along with helpful tricks you can teach them to manage their stress and anxiety.

Student Resources

Virtual Calming Room – From Carol Grzybowski – Change to Chill is a free, award-winning, mental well-being resource offered by a subdivision of Allina Health. Our interactive website is tailored to both teens and the adults who work with them. Change to Chill helps teens become more aware of the things that stress them out and equips them with relevant tools and resources to better manage stress and anxiety, so they can live happier, more resilient lives.