New Student Orientation 2020

New student orientation 2020

Greetings incoming Perpich students and families,

We are incredibly excited to be welcoming you as a part of the Perpich Arts High School community for 2020-2021. These are exciting times! Each of our art areas has grown in numbers for next year. Students are coming from across the state, from rural communities and large metropolitan schools, with different backgrounds and passions. This is what makes Perpich so special! Thank you for accepting our offer of admission to Perpich. There is much to look forward to, and we can’t wait to experience it together!

Due to continued state-wide restrictions on large gatherings, we will not be able to hold an in-person, on-campus orientation on May 30th. Being an art school, creativity is at the heart of what we do and how we do it, so while orientation will look and feel different this spring, rest assured that nothing will be missed. Our hope is that you will feel well-informed and welcomed.

Principal Conn McCartan’s welcome and school planning for the fall


School Counselor Carol Grzybowski’s presentation on registration

Dorm Director Mark Quamme’s information about our residence hall and residential life at perpich

Included with Mark’s presentation is content surrounding medical care and medications for dorm students.


What’s in Delta Dorm?

Greetings, Delta Dorm! Episode 1 – Welcome Back!

Question & Answer



Key Contact Information

Conn McCartan, Principal
Rebecca Bullen, Asst. Principal
Carol Grzybowski, Counselor
Anne Johnson, Admissions Director
Charles Rick, Executive Director
Main Switchboard (staffed 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) 763-279-4200
Attendance Line 763-279-4199

Daily Schedule









"[Perpich] has given Ana direction, skills, and shown her how to express herself through her art. She has grown enormously, and is forever inspired and changed."

Kelly Wray, Perpich Arts High School Parent:

"Our daughter Lizzy just graduated from Perpich [in 2012]. We had just moved to Minnesota in August, the month before the start of her junior year...(and that fall,) she was able to begin the best two years of schooling in her life. We love the school, the staff and all the school represents in the arts and the community."

Kim Parker, Perpich Arts High School Parent

“Our greatest concern was not being able to supervise him during these vulnerable years. We live 250 miles from the school and we couldn’t imagine how we would be able to maintain the quality of communication we felt necessary to be ‘good’ parents. What resolved our concerns were our observations of how attentive the staff was to the residents. They initiated contact with us as needed. They asked all the ‘right’ questions that showed us they understand kids and understand parents, (i.e., what we needed to feel secure about our son being so far away and in someone else’s care). We also discovered that good communication won’t depend on how physically close you happen to be. We feel we’ve continued to have close intimate connection with our son despite the distance. And the dorm staff fosters it.”

Perpich Arts High School Dorm Parent

"For 17 years I’d carried the bulk of my children’s education myself. Sending the two oldest away to Perpich was a huge step of faith and I have not been disappointed. The teachers, in particular, have been fabulous!"

Merri Mickelson, Perpich Arts High School Parent

“Our greatest concern about sending our daughter to live at the dorm was, of course, her safety. After attending an information session and then orientation day all of us felt much more secure. The dorm is set up very securely with a set of very reasonable yet strict rules; our daughter wanted to attend the Arts High School badly enough that she was willing to follow those rules. We were comfortable with the curfews, the sign in and out procedures, and all the other restrictions (some of which were stricter than home). Our daughter has learned to balance her life on her own, to live with other people and their differences and she’s felt a little freedom.”

Perpich Arts High School Dorm Parent

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