Is this where you belong?

No other school like Perpich exists in Minnesota. We are a public, residential arts high school that is open to every junior and senior in the state.

To come to Perpich, you must complete a competitive admissions process. This can sound intimidating. You might think the only students accepted are bound to be “better” than you. But this isn’t true.
We do have terrifically talented students. Some come with years of training; others come with a guitar and song lyrics on scrap paper. Some went to art camp every summer and others worked summer jobs.

What do they all have in common? How did they get accepted?

They have what everyone who is accepted here has, three indispensable qualities:

  • Potential
  • Passion
  • Open-minded curiosity to step beyond their current knowledge into new worlds
Is that you? Apply now.

Please reach out to Anne Johnson, Admissions Coordinator, for more information.


You've heard about Perpich Arts High School. You're curious. Could this could be the right place for you to complete your high school career?

We offer a full arts program that includes media arts, visual arts and literary arts as well as the performing arts of dance, theater and music.

We provide a community focused on learning, exploring and creating. We are open to possibilities. We seek originality. We expect the unexpected. We don’t settle for the usual.

We respect one another and assume we all are serious about pursuing excellence in our art and scholarship for the two years we are together.

Sharing our art with the broader community is a key component of our work here. Being able to explain our art—through both speech and writing—is critical. Understanding ourselves as artists is foundational.

We understand that art is a pursuit that will open us to our fullest potential, whether as painters or dancers or writers or surgeons or entrepreneurs or engineers.

If you are passionate about your art, if you want to study with others who are passionate about their art, if the idea of spending three hours every day pursuing your art sounds like a dream come true, Perpich may be exactly where you belong. Because everyone who is here belongs.

Contact admissions:

763-279-4195 or Email us!

"If I had to choose a single defining moment of my career it would be going to the arts high school. I learned artistic skills and a deep sense of social and cultural responsibility there that has aided me throughout my life. Perpich is where I learned to take ownership of my work, my actions, and myself."
—Walken Schweigert, ‘06