Perpich alumni: A creative tribe more than 3000 strong!

From the Alpha Class of 1991 to this year's graduating class, Perpich graduates can be found throughout Minnesota, across the U.S. and on just about every continent (even Antarctica!).

You are artists, dancers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, actors and musicians. And you are doctors, hair stylists, scientists, physical therapists, teachers, members of the armed services, masseuses, entrepreneurs, journalists, counselors, store owners, baristas, salesmen and saleswomen and . . . . [put your profession here].

Many of you also are parents. In fact, some of you have kids who are Perpich graduates or current  students. Time flies.

But we don’t forget you and we know you haven’t forgotten us. We see you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other social network sites that keep us linked in the 21st century. We also see you playing in locally and nationally known bands, chamber groups and orchestras; showing your work in gallery crawls and on Etsy; performing on dance stages and theaters here and New York or on TV and in movies; reading your poetry and promoting your new books. We hear from you living in California and New York, Indiana and Texas.

This is one more gathering place for the tribe. Stop here for breaking news, for ways to get involved, to get help in planning reunions, to check interesting links that we think could be helpful, useful or just kind of Perpichy.

Why Perpich?

A dance alumnus will tell you.

A literary arts alumna will tell you.

A theater alumnus will tell you.


"With all of the great mentoring, etc. at Perpich I met professionals in the theatre and film arts. This showed me that it was possible to be a filmmaker (or any kind of artist) for a living."
—Tasha Hardy, '92, theater

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Alums--Need a copy of your transcript?

No matter what year you graduated from Perpich, we hold your records. So if you need your transcript for any reason -- to apply to postsecondary education, for a job--please contact us and we can get your transcript to you quickly.

Email your request or call 763-279-4263.