For Parents

We all want our children to succeed academically, to be able to follow their passion in the arts, to be accepted by their peers, to be safe, to be well prepared for postsecondary education and career to experience the best education possible. These are your goals and they are the goals of Perpich Arts High School, too.

Layered over those very immediate issues, the parents of those students who will be living on campus share another set of must-haves. You want strong supervision, good nutrition, 24-hour safety, good personal support systems and exceptional communication. We provide these very important services and support.

By reading the Student/Parent Handbook thoroughly, you will begin to see the amount of thought and preparation Perpich Arts High School goes through year in and year out to educate and protect your students.

If you talk to Perpich students, almost inevitably they will mention how accepted and safe they feel at Perpich, both physically and emotionally. They will talk about creating and living in a community with other teens very unlike each other in some ways (big city, small town, different ethnicities, religions, family structures) but united in their passion for the arts and their respect for one another’s efforts in the arts.

We believe our students graduate with unusual levels of maturity, self-respect and respect for others, excellent preparation for their postsecondary lives and the ability to use their arts education experience in amazingly original ways. We are proud of them and we know you are even more so.


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