Global Initiatives

Perpich offers an unusually wide range of international programs, considering the size of the school.

The global initiatives are offered as long as there are enough students to create a reasonably-priced travel plan for all involved. Students can participate in fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of the programs.

French & Spanish trips

Our trips to France and to a Spanish-speaking nation are language-based and primarily designed as an opportunity for Perpich students studying those languages to stay in countries where they can practice their communication skills in French and Spanish. Homestays are a part of the experience.


The China travel program is part of Perpich Center for Arts Education’s “sister” relationship with Luoyang No. 1 Senior High School in Luoyang, China, in the Henan Province northwest of Beijing. Perpich students have been traveling to China and Luoyang students traveling to Perpich since 2011. Ability to speak Chinese is not required. Side trips to sites such as the Great Wall and Beijing are usually part of the experience.


Perpich students’ first trip to Ghana was in June 2013. The connection with the school they travel to, Dargara Music and Art, was forged by music instructor Janice Hunton, who studied there in 2012 due to her interest in African drumming, which she teaches as an elective at Perpich. While in Ghana with the students, the goal is to include trips away from the school to see such sites as the Cape Coast, the Accra marketplace, museums, historic sites and to provide a service-learning component with a school.