College and Career Planning

Because students come to Perpich at the beginning of their junior or senior year, it’s important to immediately begin connecting school coursework and records with plans for colleges, conservatories and careers.

Perpich student services will provide support for the many steps students take from the day they begin at Perpich to the day they graduate two years later.

Our guidance counselor is available through individual appointments, emails and voicemail. You can contact her through student services. She can offer support with your personal, social, career and/or academic issues; help you to clarify your feelings, thoughts and behaviors; explore alternatives; and make decisions.


The goals of our guidance counseling office are:
  • To provide respectful, meaningful services for every student
  • To provide safe, confidential support to all students
  • To help you understand and appreciate your uniqueness
  • To get along with others and still be your best self
  • To enhance skills to promote positive change
  • To have every senior graduate and develop a future plan