Why Perpich?

A dance alumnus will tell you.

A literary alumna will tell you.

A theater alumnus will tell you. 

Rose Johnson, ‘03, visual arts:

I run art groups for women and men who been affected by sexual and domestic violence at a center in Faribault called Hope Center. When I went to school at Perpich I learned how art could save the world. How healing it can be so healing. I love this school. Love what it taught me because I feel like I can show people why now, art can save the world.

Tasha Hardy, ‘92, theater:

With all of the great mentoring, etc. at Perpich I met professionals in the theatre and film arts. This showed me that it was possible to be a filmmaker (or any kind of artist) for a living. Also I was able to focus more on theatre (as opposed to regular high school), which was inspiring. I wanted to get good grades in my regular studies because my main focus was on something I was passionate about. I had something to aspire to.

Laura Fischer, '02, visual arts:

While I was there I felt such a strong sense of a community, and one that grew from mutual respect between the faculty, staff and students. For me this enforced the feeling that what we were exploring as young artists was valid and worthwhile. I didn't attend a private art school for my bachelor's degree, but even in my first semester on a liberal arts campus, within a sea of Economics and Geology majors, I felt a strong sense of purpose in my choice to make art. Without a doubt, that confidence, insight, and sense of validation came from being a student at Perpich.

Andrew Edman, ‘05, visual arts:

[Perpich] was a hugely formative experience for me and I think gave me many of the tools to get to this point of, as you said, doing meaningful work that I love.

Walken Schweigert, ‘06:

If I had to choose a single defining moment of my career it would be going to the arts high school. I learned artistic skills and a deep sense of social and cultural responsibility there that has aided me throughout my life. Perpich is where I learned to take ownership of my work, my actions, and myself. Now, as the Co-Artistic Director of my own company, I use my Perpich education every day. Most people cannot deny that we need a vibrant, artistic culture, and if we need that, then we need the Perpich Center, and more places like it.


Recent graduates
Eden Rome, ‘13, artscience:

[Going to Perpich] was one of the most positive experiences of my life! 

Alexis Larson, ‘12, visual arts:

[Perpich] helped me grow as an artist and a person. 

Anna ten Bensel, ‘13, visual arts:

It changed my life. Completely. It was the best thing to happen to me.

David Machov, ‘12, visual arts:

Perpich gave me a direction in life and kickstarted my career. 

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