Contact Us

Please contact us through the phone numbers and email addresses listed here.

Perpich Arts Library

763-279-4170 or email Perpich Arts Library



Perpich Center for Arts Education

763-279-4200 or 800-657-3515, email Perpich

Communications & Community Relations

763-279-4168, email communications

News Media Requests

763-279-4168, email communications

Executive Director

763-279-4160, email executive director

Board of Directors

763-279-4161, email Board of Directors


763-279-4166, email finance

Perpich Foundation

763-279-4161, email the Foundation



Perpich Arts High School

763-279-4200 or 800-657-3515, email Perpich Arts High School

Residential Hall

763-279-4201 or 800-657-3518, email the residential hall

Admissions for High School

763-279-4195, email admissions

Alumni Relations

763-279-4168, email alumni relations

Student Services High School

763-279-4261, email student services

Perpich Arts High School Attendance Line




Perpich Outreach & Professional Development Services

email Perpich Outreach & Professional Development


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