Development and Evaluation Guidelines: What to Look for in the Arts

How can arts teachers help peers and evaluators better understand the teaching and learning that takes place in their classrooms?

The purpose of the "What to Look For" documents on this page are to help arts educators communicate about teaching and learning in their classrooms with peers, instructional coaches, administrators, and others who may not have a background in the arts. Examples given are intended to help everyone connect understanding between arts-specific practices and the vocabulary of general education.

These documents contain hyperlinks to related content for each arts area. In addition, they are fillable forms with check boxes and comment sections that teachers, coaches, and administrators can utilize and save as they work with arts teachers.

To use the interactive features download the document and open it using Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview application.


Look Fors in the Arts


Visual Arts

Look Fors in Visual Arts


Media Arts

Look Fors in Media Arts



Look Fors in Music



Look Fors in Dance



Look Fors in Theater

History of Project

What to Look For in the Arts grew out of the work of the Perpich State Policy Pilot Program whose goal was to support the implementation of the Minnesota Teacher and Evaluation Process mandated by the Minnesota state legislature in 2016. Follow this link for more information about the history of this work.