Professional Development and Resource Programs Overview

The Perpich Center works with Minnesota teachers to help students realize their full creative and academic potential. Educators in all arts areas help underscore the many ways that the arts are powerful, expressive, and investigative vehicles for all learners.

Professional Development and Resource Programs serves arts educators across the state as well as administrators and teachers of other subjects who want to integrate the arts into their curriculum. The arts are core academic subjects that are an essential part of a well-rounded education. Professional Development offers initiatives that address the rapidly changing needs of Minnesota teachers, schools and districts.

Involve stakeholders in policy development:

As new policies are shaped by legislation or rule-making, the Perpich Center works with Minnesota educators, developing, updating and implementing academic standards, models of teacher evaluation and teacher licensure in the arts, while focusing on teacher development through artistic processes and collaboration. 

Provide training, guidance and technical assistance:

A staff of Arts Education Specialists and Professional Development leaders offer guidance and assistance in the arts to schools and educators to increase student achievement and engagement.

Disseminate best practices:

Research and best practices inform processes, tools and strategies for professional learning, in and through the arts. The work is standards-based and often job-embedded, leading to measurable changes in teaching practice and student learning. 

Academic Standards

Professional Development staff have expertise with Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards in all arts areas as well as interdisciplinary arts education. We can be instrumental in helping you implement the academic standards. Learn more about the academic standards here.

Programs and Services

The Professional Development team offers educators, teaching artists and administrators a wide range of programs and services, including comprehensive arts planning programs, standards-based course development and assessment and more. See what we have to offer here.

Teachers conferring
Arts Teachers: What to Look For

How can arts teachers help peers and evaluators better understand the teaching and learning that takes place in their classrooms? The purpose of the “What to Look For” documents are to help arts educators communicate about teaching and learning in their classrooms with peers, instructional coaches, administrators, and others who may not have a background in the arts.

Professional Development workshops

Check out workshop offerings on the Professional Development Calendar for opportunities for educators, administrators, teaching artists and more.