Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turnaround Arts: Minnesota schools welcome star of television and film

Actor Doc Shaw, one of the stars in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and the recent “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” movie, stopped by Bethune Elementary School in Minneapolis on Oct. 21 as part of Turnaround Arts: Minnesota. He worked with some students on a spoken word performance that was shared with the entire school at an assembly, where he also spoke about the impact the arts have had on his life. 

Doc Shaw also visited Northside Elementary School in St. James on Oct. 22. He officially “adopted” Northside for the duration of the program there. He toured the school, was greeted by students, the principal, and the mayor at a school-wide assembly, and helped at workshops with some students interested in trying out for the school musical on how to act as an animal character. Traveling with Shaw was his mother, Tammie Shaw, who met with parents at both schools and spoke about balancing the arts and academics while raising Doc, as well as how the arts became a path toward success for him despite many challenges along the way.


  Tami Shaw and Doc Shaw                Doc Shaw with student leaders


  Cheryl Martin and Doc Shaw           Doc Shaw visits a music class

Although the celebrity involvement is just a small part of the overall Turnaround Arts: Minnesota program, it gets the students and everyone excited about the arts and their school. And it makes them feel special, which is something these students deserve.

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