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Perpich Arts High School Literary Arts Department presents “The Final Goose Chase”

May 18, 2023

The Literary Arts Department of Perpich Arts High School presented their final reading of the school year on May 17, 2023. “The Final Goose Chase” featured work by each student in the Literary Arts program. In the reading artist statement, they shared, “Our first reading this year was unofficially called ‘What Goose Around Comes Around’, and we have come full circle finally with our last reading, ‘The Final Goose Chase.’ We’ve had a wild time this year writing, editing, workshopping, and playing the fast question game. There will be a little of everything in our final reading.”

Mia Tamez (Literary Arts 2023) said, “I’m super excited for our lit reading, the final goose chase! It’s a bittersweet moment as a senior, we have so many amazing pieces to share but it’s the last reading for our seniors. I personally want to go out with a bang and share something outside of the mia-box for my last reading! Come support all our lit students and help send our senior geese off to their next adventure.”

Riley Brown (Literary Arts 2023) said, “Being part of Literary Arts has been one of the most interesting experiences in my high school experience. It has helped me grow with my writing, especially my poetry and hermit crab essay work.”

Erwan Edlund (Literary Arts 2024) said, “I love poetry, it really makes me feel at home. It helps me get through the tough times I’ve had. My poem is about gender dysphoria and the struggles as a questioning teen in today’s society. I hope to continue poetry in the future, and Perpich has helped me to find that spark in my life to do it more often.”

Li Moore (Literary Arts 2023) said, “I’m feeling very bittersweet. My last Perpich reading is nothing I could’ve imagined just two years ago. I’m so happy to share the stage with amazing artists as we present the writing we’ve worked so hard on to show you all. One last wild goose chase. For the road <3”

Jae Blondo (Literary Arts 2024) said, “I think the Literary Arts program is truly a wonderful program here at Perpich Arts High School. I applied and was accepted last summer, and I’ve come so far since then. I think everyone, no matter how far away from poetry, should give it a try even if they don’t share it anywhere or with any others, AND even if it’s really bad. Poetry is a healing experience and each of us could use that in our current society. My work focuses around identity, mental health, and healing from our past, and I wish that for everyone.”

Kevin Lally, Literary Arts Instructor, said, “This is my first year as the Lit program director. This community of writers has welcomed me into their program with the grace, warmth, and humor characteristic of their written work. This year has been an absolute highlight of my career and I’m honored to continue to work within this spectacular Perpich community.”

Congratulations to all involved with “The Final Goose Chase”!