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Perpich Arts High School Music Department Presents: 23/24 Sound Works III

March 18, 2024

The Music Department of Perpich Arts High School presented the third concert of the year on Thursday, March 14th with a repeat performance on Friday, March 15th. The concert was a culmination of the work created by students in their small ensembles during the third quarter – both covers of songs and original works created within each ensemble. Congratulations to all the music students and their instructors on an incredible performance!

Adele Edlund (Music 2024) said, “This concert was a huge step for me personally! I have grown so much since the last concert vocally and emotionally. I’ve gained so much confidence, and I owe it all to my vocal interpretation class. I learned that I can be myself on stage, and things will all work out in the end.”

Avery Seed (Music 2024) said, “We had such a great time working together and it was really powerful writing a song that meant not only a lot to us, but other girls and women as well. A few people have specifically come up to us and talked about how much the song impacted them. I looked into the audience and saw a few people crying on the first night and it’s my dream to have my music (in this case, a song I contributed to) affect others deeply and I’m so glad this song did.”

Axel Zirbes (Music 2025) said, “It’s always an unforgettable experience, and it’s great to perform with all these other musicians.”

D’Anyka McGee (Music 2024) said, “Working with this ensemble really showed me that sharing a connection of a love to perform with like-minded musicians makes performing even more special.”