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Perpich Dance Students Unite in “Convergence of 9 – A Dance Concert”

December 6, 2021

Perpich Dance students united to perform their fall concert, Convergence of 9 – A Dance Concert. The event was the culmination of a semester of work. The dancers demonstrated their creativity, choreographic skills, and performance expertise in 13 student-choreographed works, a faculty-choreographed work, and the work of two guest artists, Jeffrey Peterson and Darrius Strong. The works ranged in style, musical choice, and intention.

Mary Harding, Dance Instructor, said, “The winter dance show was a combination of student-created work and guest work. The dancers showcased their initial work that was inspired by the studio arts students and their gallery show in ‘Self Portrait Project.’ They demonstrated their ability to collaborate and share leadership as they created 13 original dances. The dancers worked with local professional choreographers, Jeffrey Peterson and Darrius Strong. They interpreted the choreographers’ vision with precision and heart.”

The students reflected on the concert; as choreographers, as performers, and as participants in tech week.

Lee Christianson (Dance 2023) said, “I noticed that choreographing and teaching are very separate skills. Making and executing are each unique ingredients that go into a piece.”

Reese Walts (Dance 2023) said, “As a performer, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of joy making someone’s vision come to life.”

Kari Mika (Dance 2022) said, “‘Fraying’, my trio, diverged most from my original choreographic style, as it was slow and soft movement; I themed this piece around emotional bonds to one another and physicalized this as a thread that would weave together or fray apart. I wanted my dancers to feel that even their breath could be interconnected, so I challenged them to dance to new music and really listen and feel it. This was extremely beneficial to my process, as it added the layer of connection that I had hoped for since I began choreographing.”

Convergence of 9
Choreography by the students, faculty, and guest artists: Jeffrey Peterson and Darrius Strong
9 dancers from 9 Minnesota communities
13 student choreographed dances
2 guest artists
And a faculty dance
A million ideas of inspiration
One community
One priceless evening

Molly Anderson – Greenbush, MN
Lee Christianson – Halstad, MN
Natania Edman – Cokato, MN
Isabel Meyer – Menahga, MN
Kari Mika – Independence, MN
Kylee Miller – Park Rapids, MN
Ana Plucar – Plymouth, MN
Levi Sherman – Minnetonka, MN
Reese Walts – Minneapolis, MN