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Perpich Eliminating Residential Dorm Fees to Improve Access for Students Statewide

The change will impact students whose residence is 20 miles or more from campus.

At their December 20, 2018 meeting, the Board of Directors for Perpich Center for Arts Education voted unanimously to eliminate the residential dormitory fees, starting in the 2019-2020 school year, for all students whose residence is 20 miles or more from campus. Residents of Hennepin and Ramsey counties are not eligible. For those Perpich Arts High School students impacted, this is a savings of $3,600 annually.

Principal Ahava Silkey-Jones said, “This is such an extraordinary opportunity to ensure the Perpich Arts High School experience is accessible to all of the passionate young artists we have living throughout the state of Minnesota. We have an obligation to ensure that attending Arts High School isn’t a hardship on any of our families and I’m so grateful that our governing board sees this as a priority.”

Board member Leslie LeCuyer of Foley, MN said, “Our dorm fees have been an incredible barrier for students coming from Greater Minnesota. Eliminating dorm fees will have a very positive impact on their ability to attend Perpich.”

Board member Mat Ollig of Minneapolis, MN said, “When I was a student at Perpich, I lived in the dorms. Our family had significant conversations about how we would pay the fee. Knowing now that future students won’t have to worry about that is a great thing.”

The residential dormitory fee will apply for students living within the 20 mile radius and for any student living in Hennepin or Ramsey county. However, families may apply for reduced fees and make arrangements for payment schedules that best fit their finances.

The residence hall can hold up to 140 students. Residency is determined by distance from the campus. This mileage limit is reviewed annually based on space availability with priority given to applicants who live the farthest from campus.

Perpich Arts High School students come from the entire state; roughly 70% are from the metro area and 30% are from Greater Minnesota. Only students whose parents/guardians are Minnesota residents may apply and attend Perpich Arts High School. Applicants must also be currently enrolled in grade 10 or 11 to be eligible to apply.

2019-2020 Dorm Fee Guidelines:

  • Student’s home address 20 miles or more from PCAE = $0
  • Student’s home address in Hennepin or Ramsey County OR less than 20 miles from PCAE = $3,600
  • Financial Assistance available based on standard Free/Reduced application
  • Distance from PCAE determined by distance (as the crow flies) from PCAE address to student’s residence *address using Google Maps measurement tool. *residence is determined where parents/legal guardians reside using MDE standard
  • Final decision making authority is with Administration.