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Perpich Studio Arts Presents “Beauty in Variety”, “Beyond The Classroom Exhibition”, “Creative Endeavors: Faculty & Staff Exhibition”, and Darkroom Photography Exhibition

February 2, 2024

Perpich Studio Arts students presented multiple exhibitions on Thursday, February 1, 2024. The exhibitions are showing in the Upper Gallery, Lower Gallery, and Basta Gallery through February 22, 2024.

Beauty in Variety” features artwork by every studio arts student at Perpich during their 2nd quarter. The artwork was made for classroom assignments and showcases the range within the Perpich studio arts curriculum. Students selected their favorite piece from one of their two arts classes. Works include prints, sculptures, photography, cinematography, animation, drawings, paintings, etc. Works are featured on the gallery walls as well as in a screening of cinema work in the Performance Hall on the first level during the gallery opening. In the exhibition statement, they state that “beauty in variety means something different for each student. Maybe it is finding the beauty in things you wouldn’t usually see it in. Maybe it means seeing the beauty in as many things as possible. Maybe, just maybe, it means that you take a longer look at something and you notice what makes it unique. For this art exhibition, students collectively made work during their art classes in a variety of ways. It is our hope that you pause and reflect the beauty in all of the variety of art represented in this art exhibition.”

“Beyond the Classroom Exhibition” features artwork from students produced on their own time, outside the classroom. It offers viewers a glimpse into the young artists’ personal interests.

“Creative Endeavors: Faculty & Staff Exhibition” showcases the creative endeavors of any and all faculty and staff. In the exhibition statement, they state that this “show highlights how much creativity abounds here at Perpich. One can see it in the lifelong artist balancing art making with the “day job”. It is showcased within the family as subject matter, muse, and creator. We see creativity in the cross disciplinary approach blending art and academics. Finally, we see creativity explored in the exciting freshness of new and challenging endeavors. No matter how one experiences Perpich, creativity is our lifeblood. Enjoy the show!”

The Darkroom Photography Exhibition in the Basta Gallery is an ongoing show of Darkroom work by Media Arts students. 14 new framed prints were added from the 2nd quarter Darkroom class. All prints are 8×10 gelatin silver photographs hand-printed by Media Arts students in Darkroom Photography I class.

Lucy Klein (Visual Arts 2024) commented on the significance of her work in the exhibition. “My piece was created to take up the space I am too nervous to explore.”

Aiyana Beaulieu (Visual Arts 2024) shared her reflections on the exhibition. “I was truly in awe at the variety of work in this show and all of it speaks to each other so well!” said Beaulieu. “It was seriously outstanding and I was very excited to see what staff and faculty have been up to as well as what students have created outside of class – I’m so proud of everyone’s efforts! What a show!!”

Studio Arts students and their instructors before the February 1st exhibition opening

Abbi McCabe (Media Arts 2025) was very impressed with the exhibition. “I think the gallery was an incredible experience from start to finish,” said McCabe. “It was amazing to see everyone’s work displayed in an out of classroom environment. Seeing the collected works of Perpich students from several different mediums made me proud to be a part of the student body. I look forward to the next gallery show.”

Poppy Jones (Media Arts 2025) was moved by the event on Thursday evening. “I love coming to these gallery openings because seeing all of the artists full of pride over their work is really cool and very inspiring!”

Congratulations to all the students, their instructors, and the staff artists, on a powerful and impressive exhibition!

“Beauty in Variety” Exhibition – Opening February 1, 2024


Darkroom – Basta Gallery – Perpich Arts High School – Media Arts – February, 2024